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Chris is an award-winning chef, author, food stylist, and photographer, with 30-plus years of industry experience in all facets of independent, multi-site, national brand, and corporate dining.  A proven- strategic operation and thought leader fostering innovation, and on-trend food service solutions.  

Classically trained and educated in the culinary arts,  he built the majority of his knowledge working side by side with some of the most talented master chefs and culinary teams in the world.  

Chris currently serves as the Vice President of the American Culinary Federation, Chefs of Charlotte, serves on numerous national culinary advisory boards, and is a consultant for businesses throughout the United States. 


with what you were meant to do 


Hundreds of individuals and teams seeking increased results and achieving new levels of success, increased profit, and further reaching influence and understanding have chosen Chef Chris as their mentor, and coach. 


Chef Chris has positively affected thousands of hospitality professionals' lives with his mindset, leadership and operational coaching. 


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