Chris is an award-winning chef, author, food stylist and photographer, with 30 plus years industry experience in all facets of independent, multi-site, national brand, and corporate dining.  A proven- strategic operation and thought leader fostering innovation, and on-trend food service solutions.  

Classically trained and educated in the culinary arts,  he built the majority of his knowledge working side by side some of the most talented master chefs and culinary teams in the world.  

Chris currently serves as the Vice President of the American Culinary Federation, Chefs of Charlotte and also serves on numerous national culinary advisory boards, and serves as a consultant for businesses throughout the United States. 


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My recipes have been featured in national publications along side industry leaders. 

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Inspiring ingredients, produce innovative recipes 

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Let's stop food waste together... 

“Look for creative ways of using typically discarded portions of ingredients.  It increases yields and gross profit margins.”


The root-to-stem movement and a focus on green practices are not new initiatives, but there’s a renewed focus on them, given today’s economic imperatives.

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< food waste.

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"Chef Chris Aquilino’s Journey from Passion to Purpose"

At a young age, Chris Aquilino wanted to know how things worked, how to break them apart and rebuild them. This natural drive and curiosity spurred his desire to explore art, more specifically, sculpting. Through this medium, he learned the creative process and how to manipulate a raw ingredient into something he could truly identify with. As Aquilino grew up, he applied his creative talents to the kitchen, shifting his medium of choice to food, instead of clay....

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Chris is a highly talented chef and culinary architect - and is passionate about reducing food waste. In addition to his many culinary talents, he is a true food waste warrior.

He’s dedicated to reducing food waste and committed to educating the general public on food waste issues and solutions. 

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Ali Tila
Cookbook Author & TV Personality | Team Tila 

I can't say enough positive things about Chris. He is a consummate professional, excellent collaborator and effective manager. His passion and commitment to his work are evidenced in all his projects.

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Jamil Bouchareb
CEO | Restaurantware 

Chris is a top-notch person in both his personal and business life. He has expansive knowledge and skill in the foodservice sector at the highest levels of the best companies in the world.