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End-to-end commercial foodservice consultation agency serving all sizes of foodservice businesses.

Custom. Culinary. Solutions.

Specializing in: recipe development, branded content creation, food safety, food waste management/recovery, concept creation, smart menu design, food styling, and photography, and overall culinary sustainability.

Other services include branded content creation, cooking classes, client presentations, demonstrations, and premier culinary experiences.


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"Chris’s experience helped us reduce waste while maximizing core ingredients utilization. Simplicity in the back of the house makes it easier for our team regarding the daily preps and inventory management.


His knowledge of current menu trends and analytics for our market demographics helped us engineer the perfect mix of offerings for our clientele." 

Don Bumbulucz

Owner Collective Cafe - Matthew, NC 


 "I’ve worked with Chris for the past few years and have been so impressed by his dedicated to reducing food waste through creative culinary tactics.  He is also very well connected in the culinary world and takes time to cultivate meaningful partnerships. " 


Deanne Brandstetter (Sachs) 

VP Nutrition & Welln ess at Compass Group

Chris has been a great asset in every company I have encountered. He has amazing insight and continually pushes the envelope of creation and nutrition in his field. I have worked with him at two separate companies and his continual support and insights are invaluable. I value the time and opportunities to work with him, and I personally end up more knowledgeable and a better Chef because of it. 

Chuck Martin, C.E.C. C.C.A.

Food Fanatics Chef / Exclusive Brands Manager / Former Vice President, A.C.F. Chefs of Charlotte, Inc.

Chris is a highly talented chef and culinary architect - and is passionate about reducing food waste. He has contributed to the success of Compass Group's Envision team for the past several years with his creativity, passion, loyalty, commitment to quality and pursuit of excellence.


He has played a central role in elevating the culinary experience for Compass leaders & peers, clients and guests in numerous events, spaces, venues and formats. His versatility and ability connect with people through food is exceptional. In addition to his many culinary talents, he is a true food waste warrior. He’s dedicated to reducing food waste and committed to educating the general public on food waste issues and solutions. We were fortunate to have Chris on our team – and am happy to provide a personal recommendation.

Susie Weintraub

CEO Envision Group-Compass Group