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Norman Van Aken

Restaurateur, Celebrity Chef 

"Working with Chris Aquilino was a pleasure as he is a consummate professional and a man of fine integrity. I welcome the opportunity to work with Chris again and heartily recommend him for all kinds of hospitality projects. He believes in excellence, community and family Great qualities to posses!" 

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Elizabeth Faulkner

Artist, Celebrity Chef 

I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Chef Chris Aquilino several times over just the last couple of years and he is one of those guys that immediately I want on my team. He is professional, has integrity and is very kind. I’ve been fortunate to share stories over dinner and so happy to call Chris my friend. 

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Aarti Sequeria 

 Celebrity Chef 

“I never have to worry when I work with Chris. He takes care of every detail, even the ones I haven’t considered. I have also found it telling that he gets the work done without sacrificing team spirit; it’s clear how much his staff respect and love him.”

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Jet Tila 

Restaurateur, Celebrity Chef 

"Chris is a dynamic and passionate chef who I've enjoyed breaking bread with and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with in the kitchen. His knowledge and experience are evident in all of his projects."

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Sharing Food

Ali Tila
Cookbook Author & TV Personality | Team Tila 

I can't say enough positive things about Chris. He is a consummate professional, excellent collaborator and effective manager. His passion and commitment to his work are evidenced in all his projects.

Healthy Food

Jamil Bouchareb
CEO | Restaurantware 

Chris is a top-notch person in both his personal and business life. He has expansive knowledge and skill in the foodservice sector at the highest levels of the best companies in the world.

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