Beef Tenderloin


I can't say enough positive things about Chris. He is a consummate professional, excellent collaborator and effective manager. His passion and commitment to his work are evidenced in all his projects.

Ali Tila | Cookbook Author & TV Personality | Team Tila 

Chris is a highly talented chef and culinary architect - and is passionate about reducing food waste. He has contributed to the success of Compass Group's Envision team for the past several years with his creativity, passion, loyalty, commitment to quality and pursuit of excellence. He has played a central role in elevating the culinary experience for Compass leaders & peers, clients and guests in numerous events, spaces, venues and formats. His versatility and ability connect with people through food is exceptional. In addition to his many culinary talents, he is a true food waste warrior.


He’s dedicated to reducing food waste and committed to educating the general public on food waste issues and solutions.